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Welcome to my little corner of the web. The reason this site originally started was to present my Thought of the Week (TOTW). These are bits of philosophy, wit and wisdom presented in poster form. These started out as occasional little reminders to my children, then their friends wanted copies and an e-mail list started with a new poster each week, and that mailing evolved into a very simple web page called "Two Trees Thought of the Week" which evolved into what you see today. Besides the TOTW and TOTW Archives are the Crusades page of worthwhile causes on the web. Trivia, Quotes, and Murphy' Laws have moved to

Still on this site, A Rainbow Bridge for service dogs. A page for my Poetry. A section with stories that have been sent to and collected by my wife Cathy, called Cathy's Corner as well as Links, Rings, Awards you can try to win and Awards this site has won. The site now has more than 300 pages, but don't let that scare you off. 
At the bottom of each page will be the following map image ,leading you to the real map of the site.
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p.s. All of the graphics, except those on the award and link pages or otherwise noted were created by Two Trees for this site. All of the backgrounds are also original work. If you must borrow them, please give credit where credit is due, and link them back to this site.



ABC's of Parenting Award

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